Collection: Maison Mihara Yasuhiro

Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro creates playful sneakers, and it doesn’t get more playful than the OG Sole sneakers. The canvas uppers and rubber toe cap are reminiscent of those from the classic sneaker styles. Maison Mihara Yasuhiro appreciates the classic iconic sneakers styles from brands like Vans and Converse by giving them a new life. The brand uses cult silhouettes as the basis and molds a new product of his vision by adding elements of deconstruction. Working with 3D design enables him to recreate the complex shapes with Mihara Yasuhiro´s unique aesthetic. Including optical illusion into his clothing and shoes has evolved as the label´s trademark. The sneaker uses original sole created by the designer Mihara modeled by hand using clay. Everything else is definitely for the style rather than the functions.