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Jewel Waterproof Spray for Leather

Jewel Waterproof Spray for Leather

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〖 Jewel Waterproof Spray for Leather 〗

⦿ Repels water-based and oily stains contained in rain, snow, muddy water, etc.
⦿ For the products made of general leather, brushed leather such as suede, and combi materials.
⦿ Spray from a distance of about 20-25 cm until the surface of the shoe is evenly and lightly wet.
⦿ The waterproof effect will appear after about 15 minutes of drying
⦿ If the surface of the glossy leather becomes cloudy, gently wipe it with a soft cloth.
⦿ Approximately 22 pairs can be used with a jet of 6 seconds per leg (3 seconds per leg).
⦿ Made in Japan
⦿ Size : 146ml
⦿ HKD $90

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